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providing insurance solutions for 21 years

We are a professional Short Term Insurance Brokerage situated in Diep River, Cape Town. For 21 years we have specialised in providing insurance solutions to our valued clients who require clear and concise insurance products. Of utmost importance is to place the client’s business where best suited and where claims can be met fairly and efficiently.

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Feel free to call Gerald to discuss your business in relation to these risks and remedies.

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In today’s commercial environment, businesses have to be aware of their legal responsibilities to their clients and the public in general. With the advent of the Consumer Protection Act, the proliferation of various Ombudsman schemes and the rapid increase in litigious behaviour, businesses are needing financial protection against the severe costs of defending their products, actions or even negligence – not to mention the cost of compensating successful claimants. Therefore there has been a significant take-up of covers such as:

Products Liability
Professional Indemnity
Fidelity Guarantee
Director’s & Officers
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